26 February, 2009

The pigeon problem.

moh work up. i decided that the previous post of this painting sucked. so here's a much better picture of the painting. the colors arent washed out, so yay.
scanner-0 good camera-1

This is from fear and obsession project for jason holley. i absolutely hate pigeons and i love drawing hair. these are details of my favorite parts. the man braiding the pigeon hair is really twisted even for me, but i love how it came out. instead of helping medeal w the pigeon problem, i think it got worst. oh well, i guess i'll just get more messed up and make more interesting art. it's all graphite and took a lot out of me, but was totally worth it.
giant pigeon! ah!

man, i hate pigeons, but i sure do draw them alot.
this is a collab with Julie Yeo.

The next three images are all postcard size. acrylic and tea and coffee, i think.
except for the last one.

People who like fuzzy things. In this case, the fuzzy thing is a baby chick.
i love how flat and simple this is. love tha faces.

finally 5 hr portraits from portraiture last term.
i have a lot of fun painting faces, ill post adv portraiture stuff from this term soon.
i think i is getting the hang of it some more.

that's all for now.

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  1. I forgot how good your work is. why yes I am a little jelouse.


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