27 April, 2010

Iron and Wine

This is a portrait of Sam Beam.
comp, final, detail.

Here I Dreamt I was an Architect

by the Decemberists
And I am nothing of a builder
But here I dreamt I was an architect
And I build this balustrade
To keep you home, to keep you safe
From the outside world
But the angles and the corners
Even though my work is unparalleled
They never seemed to meet
This structure fell about our feet
And we were free to go

Harold and Maude

One of my favorite movies.

Fleet Foxes

This piece is a portrait of Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes. What I really liked about drawing him was that his hair is brown and his beard is red. Does that happen a lot? I don't know, but it's pretty cool. The first picture is the comp and the second is the final.

hair man

This is one of my favorite this this term.
The face is based on a drawing that my friend Graham sent me.

Scarlett and Natalie

For Notorious, I did a bunch of celebrity portraits. These are the two that are most recognizable.