26 February, 2009

The pigeon problem.

moh work up. i decided that the previous post of this painting sucked. so here's a much better picture of the painting. the colors arent washed out, so yay.
scanner-0 good camera-1

This is from fear and obsession project for jason holley. i absolutely hate pigeons and i love drawing hair. these are details of my favorite parts. the man braiding the pigeon hair is really twisted even for me, but i love how it came out. instead of helping medeal w the pigeon problem, i think it got worst. oh well, i guess i'll just get more messed up and make more interesting art. it's all graphite and took a lot out of me, but was totally worth it.
giant pigeon! ah!

man, i hate pigeons, but i sure do draw them alot.
this is a collab with Julie Yeo.

The next three images are all postcard size. acrylic and tea and coffee, i think.
except for the last one.

People who like fuzzy things. In this case, the fuzzy thing is a baby chick.
i love how flat and simple this is. love tha faces.

finally 5 hr portraits from portraiture last term.
i have a lot of fun painting faces, ill post adv portraiture stuff from this term soon.
i think i is getting the hang of it some more.

that's all for now.

23 February, 2009

heart break

quick piece i did for a friend's zine that has the theme of heart break.
I'm not sure if this woman is the other woman or the first woman.
you decide


22 February, 2009


This is the final painting. dont mind that line going through the image, just a bad quick scan composite.

14 February, 2009

my friend graham

This is the second time i draw graham and that crazy beard.
i did an oil painting of this, but ive yet to photograph it. will do soon.


this is a drawing i did that will become a 2 part print using intaglio and silkscreen.
cant wait to see how it will turn out. yay!