19 November, 2010


I made this piece a few months ago, and I got some wonderful photographs taken of it yesterday by Vahe D'Ala

Blue Haiti

This piece for Op Ed is for an article about what Haiti is like months after the earthquake this past January. Find the article here.

Come home before dark Opening

The opening of "Come home before Dark" was last Saturday at Active Ride Shop in Valencia, Ca.
Anna Topuriya and I headed out there to see what was going on.
Here are a few pics from that night:

He and Megan Mah put the show together

In front of his work
Anna and I in front of her pieces

 Anna's Pieces
Nick has another show up right now at Giant Robot San Francisco
 My pieces
 This is a better view of the large piece above. 
It's a lithograph.
The only difference is that the one included
in the show has a wash of ink.
I guess I lied in the previous post. 
This is actually the latest piece I've made that includes a cow.
so...in fact, not over the whole cow thing...


I have been wanting to draw cows and bulls for a while.
I don't know why sometimes I get urges to draw certain things.
Before the cows, it was houses (still sort of is houses.)
I finally got my chance to make a finished piece with a cow in it a few weeks ago.
This piece got the cows and bulls out of my system.

09 November, 2010

Up coming show: Come Home before Dark

I'm participating in a group show which opens this Saturday, November 13th.
It was curated be Graham Walzer and Megan Mah.
Featuring Derek Albeck, Nick Arciaga , Elizabeth Browne, Gio Castranova,  Euthanasia, Michael Hernandez, Me, Bryan Sheffield, Jared Sherbert, Anna Topuriya, Nathanael Turner, and Graham Walzer.

Come by if you're around, and check out some great work.