09 December, 2009

End of Off Term

I've had a lot of freedom these past 14 weeks.
I don't have a lot of finished work to show for it, though.
I'm not upset about that.
I'm actually happy that i got to experiment,
and not be forced to commit to anything.
Going from one thing to the next and not feeling pressured to
'have' to finish it is great.
That said, at this point, i feel more sure about where I want my work to go,
and what I want it to look like.

18 November, 2009

You leave, you get left.

I've been working in my sketchbook daily. something I haven't done since before art center. kinda sad. I have time for it right now, and it's been fun, and liberating.
here are some scans

27 September, 2009

New Old Stuff

These are all in-class drawings from Gail Donahue's Drawing for Illustration class last term.
I just got around to photographing them .

30 August, 2009

sketchbook lately

Been drawing everywhere I go, and also out of my head. there are no directions, or clear ideas. just fun.

20 August, 2009

much needed updates

So the term is over, and my vacation from school has started. I'm really excited about taking the fall term off because its going to give me an opportunity to work on my own work. I'll be able to develop ideas further, as well as my artwork and point of view.
heres some work from this summer

23 July, 2009



13 June, 2009

Being Consumed

This piece is part of my consumption project. i like the simple color, but i'm still working on it, so im sure it will change.

04 June, 2009


Ok, so I think i might have forgotten about this thing, buuuut, I just membered.
So I say, enough foolishness. This term is going to be awesome!! I'm really excited about the work that Im gonna be making this term. It's all alot of fun already, I'm not too stressed, although I think a little stress is healthy and gives you (me) a kick in the ass.
So, I have been and am going to continue to contribute to this blog called Sunday and Wednesday. It is a Blog I was introduced to by mah good friend Graham who attends Rochester Institute of Technology and primarily consists of photographers and all east-coasters. So, this blog seems to be less about showing just the finished product, but also starting conversations about the process of art making and how the finished product is acheived. I'm very happy to be part of this because I think it might be something i dont do much. I dont write dowm my process, most of the time, I work intuitively and in some level, am unconscious of the reasoning behind the decisions I make. Soooo, yeah, that's what's going on. back to work, but I'll leave with this bad picture of a self portrait.

21 May, 2009

i feel

cross eyed and out of focus.
and hungry.
back to work.

18 May, 2009

Design Giant

I've started to contribute to a collective called Design Giant where we'll be doing 1 drawing per day.
its fun, and i want to keep it up as much as i can. This is my first submission where the topic was "the beginning"

27 April, 2009


really? ...why?

I don't know.

24 April, 2009


i've been lagging on the posts,
i shall post soon, just kinda been happy with freedom from school.

18 March, 2009


These are the in class paintings that i like the best from this term.